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AthenaCore ™, a solution developed and owned by Athena SmartCities, is a Smart City backbone solution refers to the underlying infrastructure that enables the deployment and integration of various smart city technologies and services. It provides a high-speed and reliable communication network that connects different components of a smart city, such as sensors, devices, applications, and databases, to each other and to the cloud.

Our Smart City backbone solution, namely AthenaCore, typically consists of a combination of wired and wireless technologies, including fiber optic cables, wireless networks, satellite communication, and cellular networks. It also includes data centers, cloud computing platforms, and other IT infrastructure components that enable the processing, storage, and analysis of large amounts of data generated by various smart city systems.

AthenaCore is critical to the success of a smart city initiative as it provides the necessary infrastructure to enable real-time monitoring, analysis, and control of various urban systems. It helps to optimize city services, improve the quality of life of citizens, reduce resource consumption, and enhance overall efficiency and sustainability of the city.

Fig. City Crime Prevention
Fig. Sunlight Analysis

Athena SmartESG ™

Smart cities are increasingly becoming a reality as technology continues to evolve and transform the way we live. One of the key challenges faced by modern cities is managing natural disasters, such as floods, landslides, etc. Floods can cause severe damage to infrastructure, disrupt transportation, and pose a significant threat to public safety. In response, cities are turning to smart solutions to help monitor and mitigate the effects of floods.

Flood Risk Assessment Solutions

Athena SmartESG ™ is developed by Athena’s Data Scientist team, providing a solutions to analyze floods risk from every angle including past, current and future analysis with history records, real-time monitoring and digital flood simulation.

With history floods records, our system marks flood spots on the city map to show the areas being affected by floods before. It also able to show more statistic including property values, economy, population, and other information about the affected areas.

Our real-time flood monitoring system is a critical component of a smart city’s flood management strategy. Our system can help city officials track the progression of a flood, assess the risk of damage to infrastructure, and coordinate emergency response efforts. The system can also provide early warning to citizens in affected areas, allowing them to take precautions and minimize the impact of the flood.

The real-time flood monitoring system typically consists of a network of sensors placed in key locations throughout the city. These sensors can measure a variety of data points such as water level, water flow rate, and rainfall intensity. The data collected from these sensors is transmitted in real-time to a central control center where it is processed and analyzed using sophisticated algorithms. The results of this analysis are then made available to city officials and emergency responders, who can use the information to make informed decisions about how to respond to the flood.

Another benefit of the real-time flood monitoring system is its ability to provide early warning to citizens in affected areas. By sending alerts to mobile phones or other devices, citizens can be informed about the potential risks and advised on how to take precautions to protect themselves and their property. This can include instructions on how to evacuate or how to prepare their homes for the flood.

Our system also does digital flood simulation to help the government or township builders in their city and township planning. This information can help inform decisions about where to build and how to design infrastructure to minimize the risk of flood damage.

Landslide Real-time Detection Solution

Land Surface Displacement Monitoring

Landslides are a common hazard in many areas and can cause significant damage to infrastructure, property, and human life. However, with the help of real-time landslide detection systems, cities can identify potential landslide hazards and take action to mitigate the risks.

One major advantage of our real-time landslide detection systems is the ability to monitor and analyze data in real-time. We use the technology of IoT, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), satellite remote sensing and 3D GIS (Geographic Information System), as well as the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence, to build an information, visualization and intelligent service platform from data collection, transmission, calculation, storage, presentation to analysis and early warning as a whole.

This allows city officials to receive early warnings and take appropriate action to protect residents and infrastructure.

Real-time landslide detection systems can also benefit residents by providing them with information about potential hazards. Our system pushes the alert into mobile apps or other communication channels, residents can receive alerts and updates about landslide risks in their area. This can help them to take appropriate precautions and make informed decisions about their safety.

Landslide scarp detection results (blue) based on Eigenvalues ratios of the topographic surface (left image) overlaid on the generated orthophoto using UAV images of the study area (right image).

Athena AHOME

Affordable housing has been and is a global challenge, with more than 1.6 billion people unable to have a place they could call home government and private stakeholders are struggling to find a solution.

Till today, affordable housing has been looked at as a “social product” to be subsidized by governments or private sector however this approach has not been resolving the real challenge, which is, non-ability of lower income group to purchase a home not because they are not available but because their household income does not allow it.

Athena AHOME ™ is a model that is designed and developed by our renowned co-founder and ESG consultant with internal engineer team, through the adoption of a digital platform, allows to

Athena AHOME proudly accomplish several SDG Goals

We fully comply with the ESG framework as a Global Platform for Local Solutions with Strong Social Impact!


No Poverty


Quality Education


Affordable & Clean Energy


Decent Work & Economic Growth


Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure


Reduced Inequalities


Sustainable Cities & Economies


Responsible Consumption & Production


Partnerships For The Goals


Athena Smart Township Ecosystem Platform

Some Of The Examples of Solutions We Are Connecting To

A Smart Township Ecosystem Platform is a digital infrastructure that enables the integration of various systems, services, and stakeholders in a community to facilitate sustainable development. It utilizes advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing to connect and manage different elements of a smart city, including transportation, energy, waste management, and public services.

The platform allows for efficient and effective management of resources and enables residents to access essential services conveniently. In our Smart Township Ecosystem Platform, we design the platform according to the category that a township is built for. For example, healthcare, tourism, education, commercial, mixed development, residential. Each type of township has its core value. We design the platform based on the key objective and then we connect the solutions that help the township build its purpose.  Additionally, it provides data-driven insights to decision-makers, enabling them to make informed decisions that lead to improved urban planning and development. Our Smart Township Ecosystem Platform promotes collaboration among stakeholders, leading to increased social cohesion and sustainable growth.


Smart Community / Living Platform

Our IP-owned Smart Community platform, with registered trademark of myLivin’ ® Smart Community, currently being implemented to serve more than 40,000 households, is a sustainable Smart Living Platform is a digital platform that enables residents to live sustainably and minimize their environmental footprint while improving their quality of life.

The platform also encourages community engagement and collaboration through social networks and community-driven initiatives. A Sustainable Smart Living Platform provides residents with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and consumption habits.

Ultimately, the platform aims to create a more sustainable, livable, and resilient community.


Smart Security System​

A Smart Security System is an advanced security solution that uses cutting-edge technologies to enhance the safety and security of buildings and businesses. The system employs Internet of Things (IoT) devices, sensors, and cameras to detect and monitor potential threats and activities. It utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to analyze data in real-time and identify anomalous behavior, such as suspicious movements or unusual sounds.

Our Smart Security System provides comprehensive solution that connects devices, users and management. It provides a high level of security, convenience, and peace of mind to building owners and businesses alike.

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